After buying Nokia brand and Nokia Mobile department, what Microsoft has planned now? World’s biggest software maker giant has already brought tablet-computer. Now Microsoft planners have planned to catch 5 billion US dollar’s market of low-end smartphone.
Once, Nokia was the top mobile manufacturer of the world. But Nokia has been loosing it’s glory for last few years. Microsoft, the new owner of Nokia’s mobile department, has planned to make Nokia #1 again. 
Before Nokia was handled over Microsoft, it had been loosing game against Apple & Samsung for last few years. In 2011, Nokia dealt with Microsoft to bring Windows operating system powered Lumia smartphones. Market specialists think, Microsoft will run on a good road to reach it’s milestone. Because Windows operating system has started getting popularity. 

Microsoft bought Nokia

Market research organization IDC’s researcher informed that, after analyzing smartphone-selling in last 3 months of 2013, they found Windows OS occupied the 3rd place while Android and iOS was topping the 1st & 2nd places respectively. They have recently outed a press release saying that, Microsoft eyes on occupying huge market of smartphones using Nokia brand.
Technology website cNet says, Microsoft will stop Nokia by changing it’s name to Microsoft Mobile. Microsoft has the authorization to change or use Nokia brand. Microsoft bought the copyrights of Nokia, Asha & Lumia brands.
Market predictors hope that, Microsoft will take steps to make Windows powered smartphone price lower within 2-3 years. Microsoft India’s director Sharlin says that, Microsoft may reduce price of entry-level smartphone. Microsoft will work to encourage users to use more applications.