I am going to discuss about a method that will help you to transfer files between 2 devices. It doesn’t matter what OS your two devices have. Today you’ll learn how to transfer files between two Android devices, how to transfer files between two iPhone devices and how to transfer files between iPhone and Android devices. And all of these processes can be understood by using only a single method! This method can be easily used in file transferring from Android to Android, Android to iPhone, iPhone to Android and iPhone to iPhone. You can transfer apps too! We’ll use SHAREit app to run the transferring process. It’s a very popular cross-OS transfer tool that is available for both iPhone and Android. Let’s begin the detailed and simple process.

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Transfer files between 2 Android devices (Phase:1)

If you want to transfer files between two Android devices, then it’s very easy process. All you have to do is follow below instructions. I would like you to get informed that you can transfer almost all types of files including app files (.apk) using below method. 

  • At first, download and install SHAREit app in both Android devices.
  • Now open SHAREit from Android menu. Now tap ‘I Agree’ button to continue.
  • A new interface will appear. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • At the bottom of the page, you’ll see an option named ‘Start’. Tap on it.
  • Now give yourself a name in SHAREit, i.e., for instance, I named myself as IamNaZmul. Then choose a icon among various icons. And click on ‘Save’.
  • Now follow the same steps again in another Android device.
  • Now both of your Android device have different names. 
  • Now click ‘Send’ in the Android device from which you want to send files. And then click ‘Receive’ button in the device in which you want to receive files. 
  • In sender device, you’ll have to select the files from Contacts, App, Photo, Music, Video, File. You can select the whole folders by tapping beside one (or more than one) section among above mentioned sections. After completing selecting files that you want to send, click ‘Next’ situated in right side of bottom of the page. See the below figure.
  • Then sender device will find receiver device’s name in the radar (that you have given in receiver Android device few steps back) while it will be searching for receiver. Tap on receiver device’s name. Your files will be automatically being sent by this app.

How to Transfer files in Android and iPhone devices.

Transfer files between Android and iPhone (Phase: 2)

This method is little bit of tricky. You obviously can transfer files between Android and iPhone using SHAREit. But the whole process is not same. You have to carefully read below steps before going ahead.
In order to transfer files between iPhone and Android, you have to install SHAREit app in both iPhone and Android. But the problem is, previous versions of iOS don’t support this app except the latest version of this OS (8 and upper). So in order to install SHAREit in your iPhone, you have to update your iPhone to iOS 8 or 8+. But don’t be upset. I have provided the easiest way to update your iPhone to iOS 8. And be assured that updating iOS is much easier than any other smartphone OS. As far as I know, iPhone 4S and higher versions are eligible to get the iOS 8 or 8+ update. Now follow below process.
  • Update your iPhone to iOS 8 using the easiest and official method. If your device has already installed iOS 8, then you don’t have to. iPhone 6 and 6+ don’t need to be updated. 
  • Now install SHAREit in your iPhone from iTunes and Android from Play Store.
  • Now make sure that WiFi is not activated in any of your devices. Turn off WiFi in both of your devices. Let SHAREit activate WiFi in both your devices itself.
  • Just open SHAREit in both of your devices and follow the first phase of this tutorial. Because if you have followed last 3 steps, then next steps are as same as I previously described this method in ‘transfer files between two Android devices’ phase. Follow Phase: 1.

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Transfer file 2 between iPhone devices (Phase: 3)

When both of your devices are iPhone, then transferring process can be done by using the same process that has been described in earlier phases of this tutorial. But you just need to remember two things. These are given as follows.
  • If your device hasn’t been updated to iOS 8, then please update both of your iPhone devices to iOS 8. iPhone 4S and higher versions of iPhone are eligible to get iOS 8/8+ update. iPhone 6 or 6+ don’t need to be updated. In earlier phase (transfer files between Android and iPhone) of this tutorial, I posted link of the easiest and official updating process of iPhone. Please check previous phase (Phase: 2). 
  • You have to make sure that WiFi is not activated in any of two iPhone devices. Turn off WiFi in both of your devices.
  • Now please check the 1st and 2nd phase of this tutorial. Next steps are similarly applicable for file transferring from iPhone to iPhone, Android to Android, iPhone to Android, Android to iPhone using SHAREit.