Since Apple released iOS 6 for iPhone or iPad, the privacy of those devices became much stronger. Especially, users were given much power to control privacy for particular apps. Users were given control to allow an app to access contents, e.g., photos, contacts, etc. Though, an app asks you to give it permission to access several required contents while installing, you might have forgotten to allow access. Then you might later face problem when that app needs to access contents. This error occurs extremely when users have to upload photos via social sharing apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc. In that case you have option to allow required access manually in your device. Let’s use that option. 
You might have seen following message while you tried to upload photos in that particular app after installing iOS 6 or plus.

This App does not have access to your photos or videos.

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Allow apps to access photos of iPhone

The above mentioned message actually asks you to enable access to your photos in privacy settings for that particular app. However, it doesn’t instruct you where actually to go and fix it. Let me show where you should go to solve this problem. Follow the below instructions.

  • Go to Settings >> Privacy >> Photos
  • Now you should see that particular app listed there. Choose that app. Let me explain. Suppose, if you faced above problem in Facebook app, then choose the Facebook from this list; if you faced above problem in Twitter, then tap on the Twitter instead. 
  • After clicking on that app, you’ll definitely see that it has been in ‘OFF‘ mode. Now tap on it and change it to ‘ON‘. 
  • Now go to the menu and open that app and, hope, you’ll not encounter the problem again. See the below screenshot. 

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