Unfortunately, Android does contain some problems about showing and writing Bangla. But there is a software, named Mayabi Keypad, which makes it easier. One of the pioneers of Bengali input method for Android users, Mayabi Keyboard is widely accepted in the Android Community and used in thousands of mobile devices.

  • You have to install Mayabi Keyboard on your device. It’s totally free!
  • Go to: Home Screen/ Menu/ Settings/ Select Input Method. You’ll see list of keyboards. Select Mayabi keyboard.

Write Bangla on Android with Mayabi Keyboard

  • Now open an application from menu, a keyboard will appear. To write in Bangla or Bengali, tap on the key labeled Bengali or Bangla. Now start writing using phonetic style.

Write Bangla on Android with Mayabi Keyboard

Write Phonetic Bangla On Android

However, there is another easy way to write phonetic Bangla on Android. It’s the easiest and most popular way to write Bangla on Android so far. It doesn’t even have any limitations which could create problem while you are writing Bangla on Android.