For millions of Bangla speaking people around the world, being able to write Bangla on digital space was a great feat. On Android, first came Mayabi Keyboard, but a single keyboard that fundamentally changed the way people write Bangla on Android is Ridmik Keyboard.

Ridmik Keyboard, developed by Shamim Hasnath, a Bangladeshi expat living in New Zealand, is a free and fastest keyboard with the phonetic layout. With more than 10 million downloads on Play Store, the keyboard is now among the most popular applications in countries with considerable Bangla speaking populations.

Ridmik Labs, the developer of the keyboard, has since introduced a version for the iPhone or iPad. The iOS version of Ridmik Keyboard is admittedly less impressive than the Android version but together with the in-built iOS Bangla keyboard, Ridmik is also a great Bengali writing solution for iPhone/iPad.

Why Ridmik Keyboard is popular

The widespread popularity of Ridmik Keyboard lies in its phonetic layout borrowed from Avro Keyboard, an open-source Bangla desktop keyboard, which is massively popular. The layout is so easy that anyone can quickly get used to it. It also offers a layout called Prabhat (প্রভাত), which is for those accustomed to Bijoy writing style on the computer. A previous version of the application also included Unijoy writing method, which was withdrawn following complaints from Bijoy.

Write Bangla on Android using Ridmik Keyboard

The following steps deal with how to install and properly set up Ridmik Keyboard to write Bangla on Android devices:

Set up Ridmik Keyboard on your Android to write Bangla in four steps

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Setting up the Ridmik Keyboard

  1. Install Ridmik Keyboard from Play Store

    Go to the Play Store. Search for Ridmik Keyboard and Install it. Alternately, go to this link directly to install the Keyboard on your device:

  2. Set and Get started

    Once you open the Ridmik Keyboard from the app menu, you will be served with a welcome page. Tap on Set and Get Started

  3. Enable in Settings

    Now tap on Enable in Settings. You will see a list of installed keyboards and select Ridmik Keyboard from the list. Tap on Ok if any warning notice prompts.

    Alternately, after installing Ridmik Keyboard on your Android, navigate Settings > Language and Keyboard or Language & Input. You will see a list of installed keyboards on your device. Tick the box just beside Ridmik Keyboard. Select Ok, if any warning notice appears.

    If you use upgraded versions of Android such as Android 9 Pie, you will find the keyboard list here: Settings > System > Language & Input > Virtual keyboard>Manage Keyboards. And enable Ridmik Keyboard. Select Ok, if any warning notice appears.

  4. Switch Input Methods

    Now on the Ridmik Keyboard app, you will be asked to Switch Input Methods. Choose Ridmik Keyboard. And you are done. Tap on Finished.

  5. Start writing

    Now your default keyboard will be changed. When you start writing on your phone, all you will have to do is swipe the space bar and select অভ্র to write in Bangla. If you want to write in English, just swipe the space bar and select English. That is it.

Ridmik Keyboard Layout or Keymap

The Ridmik Keyboard Layout adheres to the phonetic style, meaning if you type amar, it will show আমার. Some examples are given below:

  • ami tOmay valObasi – আমি তোমায় ভালোবাসি
  • shiikkha (shikSha) jatir merudonDo – শিক্ষা জাতির মেরুদন্ড 
  • ami tOmar kache rriNi – আমি তোমার কাছে ঋণি
  • ridmik ekoTi osadharon ki-bOrD – রিদ্মিক একটি অসাধারণ কি-বোর্ড 
o rri
আ, াaএ,e
ঊ,Uf, ph
khv, bh
chS, sh

If you encounter any issues with Ridmik Keyboard or have any questions as to how to write certain words or যুক্তাক্ষর, please let us know in the comment section.