Local smartphone manufacturer Symphony has become Google’s partner to bring Android One powered device Roar A50 in Bangladeshi market. Google has begun Android One expansion with Bangladesh along with 2 more countries – Nepal and Sri Lanka. Google has already updated its Android One page of Android’s official website.

Roar-A50-Android One-Symphony-Google-Bangladesh

Google announced in June this year that it would launch mid-budget Android powered smartphones especially for the developing countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, etc. But those smartphones would have Android OS’s different version named Android One, said Google. Few months ago, Nokia Lumia was replaced by Microsoft Lumia and set especially for developing nations. Two giants are looking forward to occupy the huge South-Asian market that contains one of the world’s largest populated areas. Microsoft decided to fight itself while Google chose to fight along with some of its friends. Even, Firefox OS powered smartphones have already been launched in Bangladesh under Firefox’s partnership with local operator Grameen Phone (Telenor) and smartphone manufacturer Symphony.
In India, Google signed contract with Micromax, Karbon, Spice while in Bangladesh it chose Symphony Mobile. Both of above mentioned mobile manufacturers are very popular respectably in India and Bangladesh. I would say, Google chose the right option. In India, Android One smartphones have already been released.
Google’s Android chief said in September this year that they was considering Bangladesh as an important market. He informed that Google would launch Android One based low-budget Android powered smartphones in Bangladesh too. Google has decided to launch Android One based smartphones in Nepal, Sri Lanka along with Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, Symphony will serve Google’s purposes.
Symphony will make Android One based smartphone named Roar A50. Google said, this device will give users a modern smartphone experience with comparatively low cost. Google also said that it had no plan to release those smartphones in western countries. It was concentrating to Indonesian, Filipino, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Nepalese and Sri Lankan market. Those device are entry-level smartphones. Its main priority is to deliver standard smartphones to the people living in this region. Google will be responsible for Android One’s security, update and software related matters.
Android One powered smartphones will have basic features like FM Radio, Dual Sim, Camera, etc. It will have a 4.5″ display. Price will be under 100 US dollar. Partners can install their own apps. However it will use Google’s stock Android and Google will update it regularly.