Last year Apple Incorporate released iPhone 5C. There were two models of iPhone 5C. One contains 16GB internal memory space and another one has 32 GB of memory space. Price of the iPhone 5C 16GB & 32 GB were respectively 779$ & 912$. But now Apple releases another lower version of iPhone 5C with 8GB internal memory. The new version of iPhone 5C can be bought at 679$! 

Apple's cheaper iPhone 5C 8GB released

In last Tuesday, Apple officially announced about releasing this new version. Apple’s spokesman informed that, this device have been selling in UK, France, Germany, Australia and China since Tuesday. Last year, iPhone 5C didn’t find enough responses, although it was released along with upper version iPhone 5S and Apple sold almost 50.01 million pieces of iPhone smartphones within the last 3 months of 2013!
So Apple was thinking about new strategy for increasing the sells of iPhone 5C by decreasing the price. This new version of iPhone 5C 8GB is the result of that strategy, informed sources. 
Meanwhile lots of rumours and news are being published about realising of Apple’s upcoming iPhone! It is believed that, new iPhone will be available in the last month of this year. iPad 2 with 4th generation 9.7 inch retina display will also be revealed as well as.