At last Asus has made a dual-boot tablet that runs Android and Windows OS at the same time. Android and Windows OS are placed in the phone and tablet respectively. But the Android powered phone can turn the Windows powered tablet into Android tablet!!! Tech Site CNet confirms the news. Although both, Microsoft and Google, were not pleased to make a Windows-Android dual boot device. Huawei had taken an initiative to make Windows-Android dual-OS smartphones, but later they refused to carry the matter ahead as Microsoft & Google couldn’t agree with each other on this matter.Both of them are busy to promote their products alone. Specially Microsoft are eager to spread windows OS as Android is occupying the smartphone market!
But the news is being extended that Asus has made Windows-Android powered tablet avoiding Microsoft & Google. Asus found out a path to eliminate the objections from Microsoft & Google and make a hybrid that runs Windows 8.1 and Android OS at the same time!
In January, Asus had introduced a dual Windows-Android powered tablet-laptop and said that customers would be able to buy it in the second quarter (May-August). But that device hasn’t been released yet! As per as we know, either Microsoft or Google or both were not satisfied as users can switch OS between Windows & Android without delay!
But now Asus has discovered an awesome way to run two OSes on two different pieces of hardware – tablet & smartphone. This trick can not be considered the violation of Google & Microsoft’s objections!
Android phone that has been inserted into a tablet that turns the tablet into an Android tablet, But Windows 8.1 is its native OS. Still Unclear? Fine, the brief story is, it’s a Windows 8.1 tablet (with a keyboard dock) in fact! When you will insert the Android phone into the tablet, then the tablet will be converted to Android tablet! (see below photo).

Asus dual-OS Android-Windows tablet with phone

Specs of the Android smartphone are really impressive. It boasts Intel’s brand-new quad-core 64-bit Moorefield Atom chip with LTE capabilities, 2 GB of RAM, a 5-inch screen with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, 64 GB of storage, and Android 4.4 KitKat.
The Transformer V’s tablet has an Intel Core series processor and a 12.5-inch display but with only HD resolution. Maybe that’s because in Android tablet mode (when the phone’s processor is handling things), the resolution drops to HD (1,280×720 pixels).