Seeing Bangla language on computer is one of the most searched criteria on Google Bangladesh! We are here to discuss every kind of Bangla font problem on computer and give you a better solution to see and write Bangla on your computer!
Despite of being 6th most spoken language on the world, Bangla is not well promoted in technological sphere. In computer operating system, language and font is a basic feature. Bangla is not shown good by default in an operating system, until a Bengali font is not manually installed.
So, the first thing to make your computer Bengali supported, you have to manually install a Unicode font. Such as: SolaimanLipi, Adorsho Lipi. At first download these fonts on your computer from below links:
After downloading these fonts, try to open these respectively to install. Follow the instruction, given in below screenshot.
In case there is a problem installing font in the normal way, you have to follow the manual way. Go to the folder where these fonts were installed. Copy the fonts, you want to install.
Now press Windows Key+R. Run window will prompt. Type Fonts in the criteria bar and press Enter. A folder, where all fonts of the computer were installed, will be revealed! Paste the fonts, you copied earlier. It’s done! Now you are able to see any documents which are typed with Unicode Bengali.

Font Problem in Browser

Mozilla Firefox
In Mozilla Firefox, it’s very easy to see Bengali while browsing on internet. After you have installed Bengali font in your computer (written above), you just have to select one of these fonts for Mozilla Firefox. Follow the instruction given below.
  1. Go to Firefox Menu > Options > Options
  2. Select Content. By applying below method select SolaimanLipi/AdorshoLipi.

  3. Click on Advanced beside selecting option. A new small window will prompt up. Set the settings as below screenshot.

    Now press OK!

    Google Chrome

    I have discussed the Method to see Banla on Google Chrome