Facebook application, a new kind of fun! Many funny results may come out! Besides PC users, many smartphone users also use these applications. But it may become a reason to destroy your personal life!!! Today I’ll show you how an unknown and untrusted Facebook app can get access into your confidential and personal data, inbox, private photo, etc and how could this matter affect on your personal life!

Beware giving Facebook apps Access to your Facebook Data

Few days ago one of my female friends received a message from a ‘hacker’ who liked her in college days! The ‘hacker’ claimed that he could ‘hack’ my friend’s Facebook ID, if he wished! My friend informs me about this threat. I suggested her to follow the two step verification to make her Facebook profile’s security stronger. Few days later, the ‘hacker’ messaged her saying that, ‘a Facebook application thought you and me are best friends! If you don’t believe, you may check my timeline’. Yes, there were a photo in ‘hacker’s timeline, containing my friend and ‘hacker’s profile pictures, made by a Facebook apps. Dear readers, you should know that, they were not friends, even they are not friends on Facebook and my friend’s profile picture is not visible to everyone! So, how could a Facebook app use my friend’s profile picture to make unknown someone her best friend, although they are not friends on Facebook and my friend didn’t permit the application?!
My friend informed me about this matter! I found a link as the application’s link below the photo, uploaded on ‘hacker’s timeline. I clicked on the link and it redirected me to a note (containing user manual of this app), written by the author of the application! Then, I checked the author’s profile and found that, this profile was created only two days ago! I clicked on the app’s link to ‘find my best friend’! The application wanted some access to some of my very important personal data, such as: Friend List, Email Address, Message, etc! 
Beware before give access a Facebook app to your personal data
I understood that, it was a trap! That author’s profile was fake and created (2 days ago) only to get access into my friend’s Facebook messages and collect her email address!  I immediately asked my friend if she allowed that application! But fortunately, she even didn’t click on this link!

Purpose of making such Facebook apps

But a question remains! How the application make somebody (who is not in her friendlist) her best friend using her privacy protected profile picture! Then I thought, he saved the small size of that profile picture and used it manually to make a fake picture making her his ‘best friend’! It was a trap to impress and startle my friend to make her curious about the image. In order that she clicked on the link and allowed the app. If she would do it, the ‘hacker’ could get access into the Facebook Inbox of my friend and email address!


I have something else to tell you! You may share private photos with your close one (husband or boyfriend or girlfriend) via Facebook message! What if someone collected it (via an app) on purpose and start blackmailing you?! What if, (after collecting messages) they find some very confidential data (such as: credit card information, wallet key, various passwords- what you shared with someone trusted via Facebook message) searching among messages?!

Please Beware granting Facebook apps

So, dear friends, please beware. Your personal data such as: message history, email address, phone number can be handed over to someone else without even hacking! This data can be used to threat or blackmail you! After collecting your email, they will sell it for money. Your email inbox will be junked with lots and lots of spammy emails!

How To Unfollow Someone On Facebook Mobile

Think again before accepting the apps, which want access to your album! You might saved some personal photos and protected these photos with privacy settings! These application might not get the privacy protected via photo link, but direct link!  So beware granting nameless and untrusted Facebook apps! Before proceeding an Facebook application, must check what info it wants to collect!

Protection : Remove Unwanted Apps From Facebook

If you think that, you did it erroneously, please remove that apps immediately. To remove or block that unwanted apps, log in to your Facebook and go to Settings > Apps  or click this link: https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications , find out the Application to remove and click on cross (×)! See the below screenshot! 
Remove unwanted Facbook apps

Many of you grant these apps from mobile too. To remove apps from mobile device, go to: https://m.facebook.com/privacy/touch/apps/. Find out unwanted app and click on it. A new page will appear, bottom of that page, you will see a option ‘Remove This App’. Click on it and confirm deletion!

remove facebook apps from mobile

In next days, must beware accepting untrusted apps and read carefully what it wants from you! Then take the decision whether you’ll use it or not! Best of luck!