How To Create a LinkedIn Page on Mobile

You have a professional profile on LinkedIn, but you now want to go one step further and create a LinkedIn page for probably your business or organization? Let us show you how you can create a LinkedIn page on mobile on the fly.

You can showcase it on your personal profile. Most importantly, you can promote your businesses and organizations to your niche groups and fellow professionals.

Unfortunately, however, while LinkedIn has an excellent mobile app and a mobile-friendly version, it does not allow you to create a business page in a normal way.

You will have to enable the desktop version or mode on your browser to create a LinkedIn page on your mobile. Let us get started.

Create a LinkedIn Page on Mobile

How To Create a LinkedIn Page on Mobile
Create a LinkedIn Page on Mobile Browser

Time Needed : 10 minutes

<strong>Steps to create a LinkedIn page on mobile</strong>

  1. Log-in to your LinkedIn account

    Before creating a business page, you must have a profile on LinkedIn. Assuming that you have one, log-in to your account first.

  2. Enable the desktop mode on your browser

    You cannot do it on the LinkedIn app for mobile. Launch a browser, preferably Chrome, and enable the desktop mode.

  3. Use the LinkedIn page creation link

    After you have enabled the desktop mode on your browser, use the following link to create a LinkedIn page:
    (Caution: unless you enabled the desktop mode, the link would not work.)

  4. Select the type of your organization

    Select the type of your organization. Depending on the type and size of your businesses, tap on one among four types of pages i.e. Small business, Medium to large business, Showcase page and Educational institution.

  5. Enter the required information

    Depending on the type of pages you selected in the previous step, fill in information such as the name of your business, the URL you may want to have, the website of your business, company size, type and industry, etc. You will be asked to upload the logo of your company.

  6. Verify that you are an authorized representative and create the page

    Finally, check the option that asks you to verify that you are an authorized representative of the company, and then finally, tap on the Create page button. You will be able to modify information and add other relevant information such as location, timeline or cover photo later.

  • A mobile browser, preferably Google Chrome
  • An Android or iOS-run mobile phone
How To Create a LinkedIn Page on Mobile
Create a LinkedIn Page on Mobile

How to manage LinkedIn pages on mobile

Now that you have created a LinkedIn business page on mobile, you can manage it perfectly on the official LinkedIn app. Unlike Facebook Pages Manager, LinkedIn does not offer a separate mobile app for managing business pages. However, you would be able to do much of the work on the LinkedIn app (Android | iPhone). For you to manage the page on the mobile browser, you will have to use the desktop version.

On the app, tap on your profile photo at the top-right corner. The right sidebar will appear and there will be a new option called Pages you manage, below which will be your page. Tap on it, and manage the page like as you like. Watch the following video to better understand how it works.

Most importantly, you and others who work for your company will be able to use the company on their personal profiles as well.

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