In our parts of the world—that is to say, South Asia, Reddit is not talked about very often. Yet, according to recent data, Reddit has more active users than Twitter. The social media, or the self-claimed “front page of the Internet,” has an envious user base which is more engaging than porn.

Such an impressive engagement rate is because of Reddit’s unique design as a debate and discussion platform. And, subreddits have been a part and parcel of this design. Subreddits act as community pages or categories of discussion. Any valid user can create a new unique subreddit.

Since Reddit launched its mobile app in 2016 and its subsequent redesign in 2018, the number of its mobile users has increased many folds. While nearly all Reddit features are available on the mobile version or mobile app, there is no official way for one to create a subreddit on mobile.

It is like the situation three-four years ago when Facebook did not allow its users to create a page on mobile. The reason could be that managing a subreddit on mobile could be messy and that is why admins are expected to do it using a desktop.

Ironically, however, although Reddit does not allow you to create a subreddit on mobile in a normal way, it allows the admin or moderators to manage the subreddit on mobile and do a host of admin-only tasks such as blocking or unblocking a member.

How do I create a subreddit on mobile?

On Reddit, every user has a unique user name. For example, our Reddit username is mobile_tips so our profile URL looks like this: (please do follow us). On the other hand, we have a subreddit page called mobile_tips but its URL is (which you could also keep a tab on). The latter is more of a page, where everyone can post to, while the former is a user profile.

To create a subreddit on mobile you obviously need to have a user account with Reddit. Assuming you do have a user account with Reddit, the next steps are as follows:

Time needed: 7 minutes.

Creating a subreddit on mobile

  1. Log-in to your Reddit account

    Open a browser, preferably Google Chrome, and go to to log in to your account.

  2. Go to the subreddit creation page

    Now, go to this subreddit creation page: If it leads you to the subreddit creation page, then you are okay to go.

  3. Use the desktop view on the browser

    However, if the abovementioned link redirects to the Reddit app, I would recommend you to uninstall the app momentarily and re-install it later.

    If this page redirects to the default mobile Reddit homepage, try enabling “desktop version” of your browser.

    After you have enabled the desktop version, the page should automatically refresh and the subreddit creation page should appear. If it doesn’t, try going to the link again from the same window/tab:

  4. Fill up information

    Now Pick a unique name and title. The name is the username of the subreddit page, so it should be without any space, like mymobiletips, whereas the title should be normal, such as My Mobile Tips. You should also fill up the description box which would appear on the search engine. Whatever you write on the sidebar box will be shown in the sidebar of the subreddit page. You can also spell out detailed instructions and rules for in the submission text box for those who want to join your subreddit. There are other functions that you can use. After that, press the create button at the end.


Some tips to manage the subreddit page

If everything goes right, you will instantly have a new subreddit of your own. You will by default be its administrator. You can also invite other users as moderators. Also, any administrator is able to manage his subreddit page on the mobile app or the mobile version. Using the desktop version to manage the page on mobile is not necessary.

However, please note that you won’t be able to create a subreddit if your user account is not at least 30 days old and does not have enough positive karma. In that case, if you are able to access to the subreddit creation page, you will be served a notice which reads: “To prevent spam, accounts must be at least 30 days old and have enough positive karma to create communities.”

However, in our case, my personal account was able to create a subreddit on mobile following the abovementioned method despite the fact that the account was still not one month old.