‘Reply’ button in comment section was first launched for Facebook pages only. However, last year this button was activated also for some particular Facebook profile who had at least 10 thousand followers. But later, Facebook authority disabled this feature for everyone but few verified accounts.
Somebody found a trick to get ‘reply’ button for everyone. But it would require two Google Chrome extensions, both of which are currently unavailable.
This method to enable reply option in your Facebook profile’s comment follows original trick but the way is different. It replaces the need of two extension with one of Google Chrome’s original features. I found this method the easiest so far to enable reply button.

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Requirements to Enable Reply button in Facebook Profile

  • Computer
  • Latest updated Google Chrome browser. If your Google Chrome is not updated, please update by navigating through Chrome menu >> About Google Chrome. After following this path, a new tab will promptly open. Whether your Google Chrome is updated, it will show. If it’s not updated, then it will ask you to update. See the below screenshot to learn more. 

How To Enable 'Reply' Button in Facebook Profile's Comment

Steps to enable Reply button in Facebook Profile’s comment

The main target of this method is to place you in New Zealand! I mean, you have to be seen in New Zealand by Facebook bot in order to enable reply button. Because Facebook offers this button to users of some particular nations. New Zealand is one of those luckiest countries.
  • Open your Google Chrome.
  • Type Ctrl+Shift+I. It will open Google Chrome Developer Tools.
  • Click on Console tab. Please see the below screenshot to learn where the console tab is situated.
How To Enable 'Reply' Button in Facebook Profile's Comment

  • Now type Esc (Escape) button of your keyboard. It will show new tabs. Click on Emulation tab. And then click on Sensors, the last option situated in left.
  • Now click on Emulate geolocation coordinates and a tick-mark will be shown. 
  • Put copy these tow figures -41.2864603  and 174.776236. Now put them respectively beside Lat (latitude) and Lon (longitude). See the below screenshot to learn more.

How To Enable 'Reply' Button in Facebook Profile's Comment

  • In current tab’s address bar, type touch.facebook.com. And click on Check In.
How To Enable 'Reply' Button in Facebook Profile's Comment

  • Now it will show several places of New Zealand, particularly of Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, because the latitude and longitude figures we put were of Wellington. 
  • Choose one of them such as ‘Wellington Waterfront‘ and update a status. Now go to your default Facebook timeline. And post any status or photo and then put a comment. It will obviously show ‘reply’ button. See mine. 

How To Enable 'Reply' Button in Facebook Profile's Comment

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