Open Facebook Desktop Version
Open Facebook Desktop Version

Sometimes our curious mind may want to see how the Facebook desktop version looks like on mobile. Besides, some functionalities that Facebook offers in its desktop version are not available on its mobile version.

There was a time Facebook allowed its users to access its desktop view on mobile without going through a lot. You only needed to type the default URL ( However, Facebook has recently developed its mobile version which is very suitable for mobile users and offers a plethora of functionalities such as creating a Facebook page on mobile. At the same time, while Facebook has improved its mobile version, it has hardened ways to view its desktop version on mobile.

However, there are simple ways to view the social media site’s full desktop version on mobile. Try the following steps:

  • At first, log in to your Facebook account.
  • Now go to address bar of your browser and type the following URL or go to it directly from here:
  • Or you could try this URL:
  • If none of the URLs works for you, you may need to enable the “desktop view” on your mobile browsers.
  • After you have enabled the desktop view on your browser, you could type at the browser’s address bar and should be able to open the desktop version of Facebook.