When you change the username for your Facebook page, your Facebook page URL also changes. In the past, one could change Facebook page username on mobile as easily as can be done on a desktop. However, with recent changes in the design of Facebook, you can no longer do that.

The official Facebook help page says that you have to log in on a computer to change the username for your Facebook page. However, you can still change the username for a Facebook page on your mobile.

You cannot change Facebook page username on mobile, says Facebook help desk.

There can be multiple reasons why you would want to change your page’s username. For instance, you may have changed the name of your page, thus, a new username would be more suitable.

You may want to change the username for the page to reflect the change in your business or nature or type of the page occurred since you created the page. Or you haven’t had one at all so you just want to create a new username. Regardless, this post should be useful for you if want to either create or change Facebook page username on the fly.

The only difference is you will find an empty username if you have not chosen one already. Also, you will need to have 25 likes on your page before being able to create a unique username for your page. Therefore, you may want to invite your friends to like your page in order to achieve that threshold.

Please bear in mind that in order to create or change the Facebook page username, you must have the Admin privileges. If you are already not one, ask the owner or admin to add you as an admin of the page.

Change Facebook Page Username on Mobile via Facebook Pages Manager

Create or Change Username for Facebook Page on Mobile
Steps to Create or Change Username for Facebook Page on Mobile

Time Needed : 2 minutes

Change the Facebook Page username on mobile using Facebook Pages Manager

  1. Install Facebook Pages Manager

    Install the official Facebook Pages Manager app on Google Play Store or App Store (if your device is an iPhone or iPad). Launch the app and log in using your Facebook credentials.

  2. Find your page

    If you have multiple pages and the default page that the app displays by default is not the one you want to change the username for, tap on Page at the top right corner. It will expand all the pages that you manage. Tap the page that you want to change the username for.

  3. Go to Settings

    On your page, at the bottom-right corner, tap on the briefcase icon, which will lead you to the Pages Manager Tool. Tap on Settings, the first option.

  4. Edit Page Username

    On the Settings page, tap on Page Info. On this page, the first option is what we need. Tap on Change Page @username under Edit Page Username.

  5. Change Username

    Type your new username. If it is unique and available, you will be allowed to tap on the option called Create Username. And, you are done.

  • Facebook Pages Manager
  • Android
  • iPhone

For the visual understanding, please click on the image compiling the screenshots of the entire process. And watch the video we embedded above. Leave a comment below if you aren’t able to understand any of the steps. Do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, you cannot do the task using the Facebook app or the mobile version.

Change Facebook Page Username on Mobile by Enabling Desktop View

One of the ways of changing a Facebook page username on mobile is, of course, by enabling the web version of Facebook on your mobile browser.

  • First, enable the desktop view of your mobile browser and load the desktop version of Facebook: web.facebook.com.
  • Go to your page on the same tab of the browser. Changing the tab would disable the desktop view. In that case, you will have to enable it again.
  • And, then tap on the About section of the page.
  • And then, tap Edit next to the page username.
  • Enter a new username, and if it’s available, you can tap on Create Username.

And, all done.