They are the world’s most powerful and influential figures. Naturally, they have to maintain a certain degree of security whenever they use a smartphone. We are talking about global political leaders. We have prepared a list of favorite smartphones of world leaders.

Editorial Note: This article about favorite smartphones of world leaders is outdated and retained only for archival purpose. We have an updated post about the mobile phones world leaders are using these days.

Favorite smartphones of world leaders

Barack Obama

As US President, Barack Obama uses a Blackberry device. He has been using a Blackberry smartphone for ten years. However, the Wall Street Journal has recently reported that the Secret Service is examining two smartphone models from LG and Samsung for him to use. The president also once said he could not use an iPhone out of security concerns.

David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton love Blackberry

Despite concerns, David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, has not abandoned his favorite Blackberry smartphone.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been using a modified Blackberry Z10, in which Secusite Encryption Technology is installed to protect it from being spied on. She previously used a Nokia 6210 since 2009.

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also uses a Blackberry smartphone.

Putin rarely uses a smartphone

Russian President Vladimir Putin dislikes using a smartphone at all. He always denied using a mobile phone. He once said if he had used a smartphone, it would ring all day. But he was once seen using an Android-run smartphone in 2012. We are, however, not sure whether it rings all day.

François Hollande and Yingluck Shinawatra—fond of iPhone

French President François Hollande is a loyal iPhone user. He uses an iPhone 5. Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, on the other hand, was seen using at least five different smartphones of various brands. However, she likes the iPhone 5 of all. She has also a Nokia Lumia 920 and an Android-powered device.