While trying to install apps from Play Store on Android, you might encounter a warning called ‘Error downloading “App”. There is insufficient space on the device‘. The warning appears when there is no or insufficient space on the device you use. This error frequently occurs on Android 4.4 or Android Lollipop 5 or devices with low storage capacity.

But do not confuse this with your storage space. You may have sufficient space on internal and external storage of the device and still see this warning. That is because apps use separate storage other than the one where your photos and videos are stored.

Error downloading "App". There is insufficient space on the device

How to fix Error downloading “App”. There is insufficient space on the device

There are several ways for you to disappear this warning. Let us discuss them one after other.

Remove or Disable Unused Apps or Clear Cache

  • Go to your Settings on your device.
  • Find the Apps and Notifications settings. Depending on phones, it may vary.
  • You will see a list of apps. Now identify apps that you do no longer use. Tap on them and uninstall or disable them.
  • You can also find apps such as Facebook and Google that use huge space. Tap on them and tap on Clear cache or Clear storage. On some devices, you will find these options by navigating storage and cache. Clearing cache will give you temporary relief.

Move Apps to SD Card

  • Go to Settings >> Apps or Apps and Notifications.
  • Identify some apps or games that occupy a large space. You just have to move those big apps to SD Card.
  • Select an app and tap on it. Now tap on Move to SD Card. See the below screenshot. Here, I was moving Candy Crush Saga that generally occupies huge space. After moving those apps to Memory Card, you will manage space to install more apps. 
Error downloading "App". There is insufficient space on the device

Remember before moving apps to the SD Card or clearing cache or storage

Few system apps won’t show the ‘Move to SD Card’ option. Therefore, you cannot move those apps to the SD Card. 

Also, you should not move apps (such as Messenger, WhatsApp, etc) to SD Card that generally need to be active when you open your device. After you move apps to SD Card, those apps will not open when you restart your Android device. Also, in order to receive real-time notifications from those apps, you shouldn’t move them to the SD Card. You should consider moving all games, web browsers and other big apps, which occupy lots of space, to SD card.

Also, remember, by clearing data or cache, the particular app might lose data. Google Chrome, for example, will lose all history, settings, search history, saved passwords, etc. It may seem as if the app is installed for the first time on the device if you choose to ‘clear data’ or ‘clear storage’.

Clearing cache also may result in data loss. Candy Crush Saga, for example, will lose all settings, including preferences and Facebook connection, and game progress. However, reconnecting with Facebook might bring you where you were last time.