There are millions of people use Android  based Smartphones. Android replaced old security system with Pattern Lock! It’s a pattern, which you have to remember. Whenever the phone locks itself after a fixed interval, you have to draw the pattern to unlock the phone by touching the screen of your Android device. What you have to draw in this lock pattern is as you have fixed earlier time. It’s like a new kind of password. The difference is, it replaces numeric coding security system with a specific pattern based system.

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Instruction to recover Android after you forgot lock pattern

What To Do If You Forgot Lock Pattern Of Your Android

But, what if you forgot the pattern? or pattern doesn’t work? How can you unlock the phone? Yes. We’re going to discuss about how to unlock the Android after forgetting the lock pattern!

  • Press the Power Button of your Android device to make screen lock be appeared. Now draw a wrong pattern for 5 times.
  • You’ll be warned that you have been unable to unlocking the phone and try again in next 30 seconds. Wait for 30 seconds.
  • After waiting, you’ll be notified a new button named Forgot Password. Tap on that button.

                                     What To Do If You Forgot Lock Pattern Of Your Android

  • You’ll be asked to put your Gmail email and password. Put yours. But remember, you can only put the Gmail Account and password, which was used to activate your device first time. Make sure you’re giving the right password before logging in your Gmail.
  • After you have successfully authenticated the account associated with your Android Phone, you’ll be prompted to create a new lock pattern.
  • Draw the pattern twice and it’s done!

If you don’t know the Gmail password, you have to do a hard reset! But remember, in this case you will lose your current settings and apps!