Many of iPhone users who updated their iPhone to iOS 7 or 8 complained that their iPhone’s Personal Hotspot was missing after they had updated iPhone to iOS 7 or 8. It’s really painful to see an important feature like Personal Hotspot is missing from an updated device! So why did I update it then? People update their device to get improvements. But iPhone users found its Personal Hotspot missing after it had completed updating to iOS 8. I found a good solution to get missing Personal Hotspot feature back in iPhone. It worked for me and I hope it will also work for those who have faced this problem in their iPhone. This problem may occur in iPad. And below method will work for iPad as well.

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Personal Hotspot is a kind of virtual hotspot that shares iPhone’s internet with other devices over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Generally, Personal Hotspot is situated just below Cellular Data in settings of iOS 7/8. In addition, it can be found below Cellular Data Network which is inside Cellular Data option. But when Personal Hotspot disappears, it can not be found anywhere. Many of us faced this problem after they had updated their iPhone. On the other hand, this problem occurred before updating the device as well!

In order to get back missing personal hotspot in iPhone, you have to follow below instructions carefully. These are very easy steps. I will provide necessary screenshots that may help you to solve this problem.
  • Go to Settings >> Cellular >> Toggle ON. You can also activate WiFi instead of cellular data. Activate at least one data connection.
  • Now go to Settings >> Cellular >> Cellular Data Network

  • This settings actually for configuring several types of data settings. Scroll down and you’ll find settings for Personal Hotspot. This lets you to put specialized APN, Username and Password for Personal Hotspot. All you have to do is write anything inside Username. It actually is not a big deal. Write whatever you wish in Username field. It will be erased once you get back the personal hotspot. 

  • And go back to settings. It should be seen now. If not, then go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Assistive Touch >> On. Now the Assitive Touch will pop up on the screen. Tap on it and go: Device >> More >>  Multitasking. You can also enable multitasking by holding finger on iPhone’s Home Button for few seconds. Running Apps will be popped up. Tap on Settings and move it up with your finger. 

  • Now go to – Home >> Settings >> Cellular and you will see that Personal Hotspot is not missing anymore. Tap on it and toggle ON. It may ask you to turn Wi Fi or Bluetooth on. Turn on both either Wi Fi or Bluetooth. Now the personal hotspot will appear below both Cellular Data and Cellular Data Network. 

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