Today most of us use Android smartphone. Almost everyone would like his/her smartphone to be looked awesome. There are few ways to customize Android smartphone by changing the wallpaper, themes, icons, etc. Today I would like to introduce a superb way to change default components of smartphones and give it a new and beautiful look. I prefer custom launcher to do that.
To change icons of apps of Android smartphone, you may use the custom launcher. To make your Android smartphone more beautiful, you need to customize the wallpaper, theme, icons, menu-style, etc.
You might use several custom launcher, such as Go Launcher, Google Now Launcher, Nova Launcher, Aviate, etc. But I prefer the Nova Launcher. It is a massively popular launcher. It is simple and user-friendly. Above all, it lets you run your Android swiftly. It doesn’t make your smartphone a slow tortoise-piece. Almost every icon pack can be installed via Nova Launcher. It’s ad-free too. Go Launcher is also a good one to use. But, according to me – as I experienced it earlier – it makes device little bit slower. It automatically installs several unnecessary apps that occupy a considerable size of RAM as those apps always run anonymously. Those apps also use data connection and waste a large amount of data to display some unwanted ads. Because of it, pressure also comes on the battery life of your smartphone. That’s why I suggested Nova Launcher over Go Launcher if you want to customize your Smartphone.

Download and install several icon packs. You can search in the Google Play Store. There are lots and lots of icon packs available. They are beautiful and really convincing. I think you would love those packs. Try searching with ‘icon packs’, ’round icon packs’, etc. Just try for once, you’ll be amazed.
After installing some icon packs, open Nova Launcher from the menu. Tap on Look and feel >> Icon Theme and select your desired icon pack. Give Nova a few seconds, it will make your smartphone awesome.

Plus, there are several themes are available there. You can download even more themes. Try those and feel how your device looks. Superb, no?