Google Andoird 1 announcement

Now Google has decided that it will make low-end smartphones. Few months back, Microsoft also decided to make low-end smartphones. Google takes a new OS project named Android 1. Google has announced Android 1 at Google’s Summit in Sun Francisco.

Android 1 based smartphones’ display will be smaller than 5 inch. Price will be around 100$. While announcing Android 1 OS, Google’s Senior Vice President was saying that low-end smartphone manufacturers would be able to make lower-end smartphones. Smartphone manufacturers and telecom companies will be able to insert their own apps in Android 1 OS. But at first, India will be targeted country of this project. Google is working with some of India’s smartphone maker companies to make lower-end smartphones in lower price.

Experts assume that, as a result of Google’s new initiative, Android users will be increased in developed and populated countries like India. Giant companies like Google & Facebook are working to expand internet territories. They concentrate on bringing more people in the world of internet. It will make internet market more attractive for e-commerce.