Have you noticed someone in your friend’s list or a page tagged with some different names?

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Okay…here is the awesome trick:

It’s Very Simple-

Few months ago I wrote another article
about mentioning friends on facebook with different names by mobile.
But Facebook’s recent changes made my trick not working! Sorry for that.
But you’ll glad to know that I come with another working tip!

I said earlier, to mention someone in Facebook, you need ID Number of
that person. To learn how to find friend’s or page’s ID easily using
mobile, go to this link.

Generally, you can mention someone with his original name using following code.

Put your desire person’s numeric ID Number (example: 1234567890123) instead of id_number into the code.

And to mention someone with different words instead of their facebook name, you have to follow following code.

@[id_number:0] @@[0:[id_number:1:Your_Text]]

Put your desire person’s (or page’s) numeric ID Number instead of id_number and put your desire words instead of Your_Text

For example: Suppose, you want to mention one of your friends, named NaZmuL AhaSan. NaZmul’s ID Number is 1234567890123. But you want to mention him with another words, such as: My Friends . So, you have to write the code as:

@[1234567890123:0] @@[0:[1234567890123:1:My Friends ]]

Example: I posted a comment using this method on our Facebook page!

mention on facebook mobile with different name

Have you noticed that I posted above post from mobile? My Friend – these tagging words were different names!

Note: Facebook mobile version has some limitations. So, you have to write general mention code first, then modified mention code.