TTPod is one of the most popular music player for Symbian. There are lots of themes for TTPod. It’s attractive interface is so beautiful! Above all, it lets us hear music with lyrics! It has a server including a huge number of lyrics and album arts! When you let it connect to the internet, an automated system will bring several lyrics and album arts according to your track name and will let you choose the best one. But there was no way to add new lyrics in the player if that lyrics is not found in server. There was a way to add new lyrics using PC. Today I am going to teach you how to add lyrics to your favorite player using your own mobile device.

Instruction to Add lyrics to TTPod using Mobile phone!

At first, download a .txt file that has a configuration on how to set the lyrics. I configured it for one of my favorite songs ‘Epitaph’, sung by Aurthohin. Whatever your lyrics is, you have to add following 4 lines first. See the screenshot-

How To Add Lyrics To TTPod Using Mobile

[ti: Title]     
[ar: Artist]
[al: Album]
[by: Band]

Here, ti is for title of the track, ar is for artist of the song, al is for album of the song and by means the band that have made the track! Configure it for your own targeted track. Edit the above .txt file. Add your own lyrics there. You might have seen there is a time format ([00:30:00] first one is minute, second figure indicates second, third figure means moments) too in the screenshot. You can add the duration before a line. You can add this time duration by minimizing your player.Here is a example below-

[by:Written by Sumon,
[00:5.00]Line 1 lyrics
[00:7.20]Line 2 lyrics
[00:11.10]Line 3 lyrics
[00:14.00]Line 4 lyrics
[00:18.25]Line 5 lyrics
[00:19.02]Line 6 lyrics

When you have finished writing of the lyrics, copy the whole text/lyrics as you have to paste it later.

Now open X-Plore, one of the finest and popular file manager for mobile phone! If you don’t have X-Plore, you can download it from this link. Now go the drive/directory (phone memory or memory card), where you installed TTPod. There is a folder named TTPod. You will see, there is a folder named lyrics in the TTPod folder. After you have found that folder, navigate through Option/File/New text file. See the screenshot-

Give this new text file a name. But remember, you must give this text file a name, which is the name of your track. Track’s name and this text file’s name should be similar. Suppose, your track’s name is Abc.mp3, then this text file’s name has to be Abc.lrc. After giving this file a name, paste the previously copied lyrics here. After that, save it anyway and exit X-Plore. Now open your TTPod and play that specific song, for which you have just added a lyrics! Hope it will show a lyrics!

After you have added a lyrics, you might have seen, sometimes lyrics doesn’t show in perfect time. You can adjust timings! Open TTPod, navigate through Settings/Skin/Lyrics/Lyrics adjust. You can increase and decrease timing of a specific line of the lyrics!   

How To Add Lyrics To TTPod Using Mobile

So, you have learned how to add lyrics to TTPod using mobile! Share it, if you liked it. Thanks!