Editor’s Note: The article is outdated because Symbian Mobile does no longer exist. It is retained for archival purpose only. 

Some times we need to format our memory card for various reasons. Somehow your device stops working, or you need to change your phone or SIM card, or you have to flash your phone, or you have to format your memory card, then you might want to backup your sweet and important short messages (SMS). Personally, I think everybody should backup SMS of mobile. Because you can lose your mobile phone, sim or memory card by the incident. Then you’ll lose all of your messages, which might be very important to you.

Today, I’ll teach you how to backup messages in Symbian mobile by itself. All you need to do is follow below easy steps, carefully-

1. We need a PC or a hacked s60v3 or s60v5. Actually, our target is to gain access to the private folder of the mobile. Unfortunately, the 3rd and 5th version of Symbian operating system doesn’t give its users access into //sys & //private folders of the device. So, you have to hack your device to get access into those folders. There are few more essential features will be explored after you hacked your device. Such as- you can get rid of certificate errors (Certificate Expired’ or ‘Certificate Error’, ‘Contact The Application Supplier) while installing applications. Remember it’s not harmful to your device at all. So hack your device right now.

2. Now Download X-Plore for s60v3 & s60v5. Install it to Phone memory.

3. If you are using PC, Connect MMC (Memory Card) with PC by Card-reader. find out: E:/ –> Private –> 1000484b

4. If you are using Symbian Mobile, open pre-installed X-Plore and go to: E:/ –> Private –> 1000484b

5. Copy the folder 1000484b.

6. Paste the folder to whether in your Phone memory or PC. It’s your Backup. Now you can format your MMC.

7. After formatting memory card, again paste that copied folder (1000484b) to E:/ Private. Just now, you have restored SMS into your phone. 

8. Restart Your phone & go to Message option, you can see your messages again.