It might feel a bit boring to see the same carrier or operator name or logo on your Android device every time you open the screen. There is a way to change that. We have come up with a simple trick to change the operator logo and name on Android devices. However, it requires you to root your Android device.

Tools to Change Operator Name on Android Phone

  • Your phone should be rooted.
  • Keep at least 50% battery as the process requires a reboot.
  • When it comes to change the name, never use any symbol. You have to use numeric and alphabets only.
  • Now download the career name changer app.

Change Operator Logo on Android

  • Download the .apk file mentioned above. Locate the app named Carrier_Name_1.2.apk from above link.
  • Open the file. It will take almost a minute to install. If it will need permission. Allow permission.
  • After you installed the app, open the application named Carrier Name. Write the name you wish to place instead of your current operator name.
Change Operator Name and Logo In Android Phone
  • After entering any name, select the option of “OK” after which you will be prompted to back up the current or default operator name. Click on “Ok” > “Reboot”, located at the bottom right portion of the screen of “Carrier Name”. When the phone reboots, you will find that the operator name has changed.