With the meteoric rise of mobile operating systems i.e. Android and iOS, Facebook has changed the design of its mobile version and apps. In the process, it enabled Facebook to launch many features, usually reserved for the desktop version, for its mobile versions, including the ability to create a page on mobile.

Facebook does not only allows but also encourages people to create pages using its mobile version or app. It has even launched a separate feature-rich app, called Facebook Pages Manager, for those wanting to manage their pages on mobile. Even Facebook Lite, the lightweight app of the social media site, has a considerable number of functionalities, including the ability to create and manage business pages.

In this lengthy tutorial, we will be discussing how you can create a Facebook page on your mobile version (both on normal mode and classic mode), Facebook mobile app, Facebook Lite and Facebook Pages Manager. If you want to save your time, you can tap or click on any of the links to follow the method of your convenience.

Create a Facebook Page on Mobile Version (Normal Mode)

  • Go to https://m.facebook.com and log-in to your account.
  • After logging in to your account, click on this link.
  • Enter the name or title of your page. And, tap on Next.
  • In the next page, choose the category of your page from the list, and then from the list of subcategories. (For example, if yours is for a book store, you would want to choose Books & Magazines as the category of the page, and then Bookstore as the subcategory.
  • For certain types of pages (especially if they represent physical businesses), you may be asked to provide the address and phone number for your organizations. However, this option is not mandatory; tap on Skip at the top right corner.
  • Then you will be asked to upload a profile picture and then a cover photo for your page. However, you can skip these options as well.
  • Your page is ready.

Now that you have created a Facebook page, you may want to add a new admin to assist you. You may also want to invite your friends to like your new page. Normally, people try to attain the first 100 likes for their page by inviting their friends.

In addition, every page on Facebook is entitled to a dedicated sub-URL or username, provided that it is available; learn how you can create or change the username for your page.

Create a Facebook Page on Facebook app

Create a Facebook Page using Pages Manager

Create a Facebook page on Facebook Lite

Create a Facebook Page on Mobile Version (Classic Mode)

Update (15 May 2020): The following method does no longer work. Facebook appears to have disabled creating a page on the classic or mbasic mode.

The classic mode refers to the basic version of Facebook. In the past, this basic version used to be the normal mobile version. It may be accessed to by going to mbasic.facebook.com.

However, the basic version, nowadays, is obsolete. People still use this version if they have slow internet connection or want to save data. Also, the Facebook free version is also effectively the basic version, except that it does not load images and other multimedia and external contents.

If you want to create a Facebook page using the basic version nonetheless, you just have to use mbasic parameter instead of mobile or m.