How To Create a Facebook Page On Mobile

Nowadays many Facebook users try to create a Facebook page for their business, publicity, and fun. It has always been very easy to create a Facebook page from the desktop version but never easy on its mobile version.

In order to create a Facebook page on mobile, users had to go to great lengths such as switching desktop version of Facebook on their mobile and then try to create pages.

Only recently has Facebook begun allowing mobile users to create a Facebook page on mobile in a normal way. There is a simple way to create pages using the official Facebook mobile app or the Pages Manager app. But today I am going to tell you a mobile-friendly way to create a Facebook page using mobile browsers, even low-end ones such as Opera Mini, UC Browser, etc.  

Create Facebook Pages Using Your Mobile Phone

To create a Facebook page on your mobile, please follow below steps carefully.  Use mobile browsers such as Opera Mini, UC Browser for complete these tasks.  

  • Log in to your Facebook account on your mobile.
  • Then go to the link The mbasic parameter would allow you to go to the Facebook basic version, even on high-end browsers such as Chrome.
  • A new page will appear. I attached a screenshot below. At first, write the name of your page and then choose a category (what type your page will be), then click on Get Started button that I marked.
How To Create a Facebook Page On Mobile
How to create a Facebook page on mobile: Getting Started
  • Then you have to choose a sub-category of your page. This is all about the type your page will be. Select one of the options that suits you. Then again click on the Get Started button.
  • Then another page will appear. Now you need to briefly describe your business or purpose of your page. Write something meaningful, descriptive and relevant about the purpose of the page within 155 words.
  • You may also put your website URL inside the next field if you have any website related to your page. Then you may proceed by clicking the Save Info button. Remember you may skip this step by clicking the Skip button.
  • Everything is done! Your Facebook page has been created just now. Now it is time to start managing your page.
  • Meanwhile, you can change the profile picture of your page by clicking Edit Profile Picture, situated just below the title of your page. You can use other options such as Update Page Info and Manage Admins (to add admins or moderators). To understand more, see the below screenshot.
How To Create a Facebook Page On Mobile
How to create a Facebook page on mobile: Update Page Info

Now that you have finished putting basic information about your page, you may consider inviting your Facebook friends to like your page on your mobile. Meanwhile, you could also check out how to create a subreddit on mobile.



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