Before we start, you need to know a fact. Why do we need someone’s (or a page’s) Facebook ID Number? We need Facebook friend’s (or page’s) Facebook ID number to mention a friend (or a page) in Facebook.

Previously, there was another easy method to get someone’s ID in Facebook mobile version. According to that method, you had to cut http://m from someone’s profile’s URL and then put graph into the URL. Then a page with ID would appear.

But now a days, this method becomes harder for Symbian users and almost impossible for Java users! Now we come with a new and very easy trick. It’s Very Simple. Let’s do it step by step!

  • Go to the search box and type your friends (or the page’s) name, whom you want to mention.
  • Click on Message button below his/ her / page’s name in search results.
Find Friend ID on Facebook

  • New page will appear. Check the address bar to find out this message URL. If you’re using Opera Mini or UC Browser, you can press #1 button to find out the URL. It should look like below URL:

  • The numeric (blue colored) ID number (100002228717009), situated right after the and before the &refid=46 in the URL is your friend’s ID number. Remember, ID number is unique and different from each other person in Facebook. See the below Screenshot.
Find Friend ID on Facebook Mobile

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    2nd Method to Find out ID no. on Facebook Mobile.

    1. Go to the profile(timeline) of the person (or a page), whom you want to mention.

    2. Click on the Profile Picture of the person (or the page).

    3. Now Go to Address Bar. In it’s link, You’ll find a URL with the FACEBOOK ID NUMBER! See the following image.

    For example, mine is: Here, last phase of the link is my FACEBOOK ID NUMBER. That means, my ID NUMBER is: 100001275842786

    Using this trick, you’ll get your friend’s (or page’s) FACEBOOK ID NUMBER easily! Now use this ID to mention someone or a page using mobile!