It’s very hard topic, but very important for Nokia java phone user. Let me describe. You all know about the mobile phone giant Nokia. They are one of the among the renowned mobile phone manufacturers, Nokia’s series 40 phones are very popular because of its low cost and high efficiency, but these are not smartphones which are used to do heavy computing, rather these are just a jvm (java virtual machine) based mobiles used as multimedia phones, these phones are not at all designed to multitask, but now our s40 geeks found a new way to multitask with minimal effects on the device, let us know it how.

S40 Java device permission hacking

Security system of s40 phones are designed in such a way that for every single change the phone will ask the User to grant permission, sometimes it is very annoying, specially while using unsigned application.You need to hack phones security to get rid of this Let’s do it easily:

1. You must have a PC. Download J.A.F for your PC. Install it and run it through Pkey. 

2. Connect your mobile with PC using Nokia PC Suite.

3. You will obtain the pp file of your phone,save it anywhere on your computer, open the pp file that you just obtained with any text editors such as notepad, word-pad, or notepad++. Open J.A.F. Click on BB5 Tab.

4. Mark following options:

i) Read pp
ii) Normal Mode
iii) CRT 308

5. Click on Service.

6. Save *.pp file in Desktop.

7. Open *.pp file using Notepad.

8. If your phone is-

i) s40v3, then find out 28 1 and change it to 28 2.

ii) s40v5/s40v6, then find out 48 1 and change it to 48 2.

iii) If there is no any 28 1/48 1, then put 28 2/48 2 to the first column.

How To Hack Permission Of Nokia S40 Java Phone

9. Save *.pp file. If Notepad asks permissions, click Yes.

10. Again open J.A.F and click on BB5 Tab.

11. Mark following options:

i) Upload pp
ii) Normal Modec CRT-308

12. Click on ‘Service’.

13. Select *.pp file. When it shows ‘Done’, select ‘Normal’ from Dropdown Menu.

14. Phone will restart. It will show ‘Test in RNDS USB Mode?’ , select No.

It’s done.