I have received lots of messages about hiding Facebook friend list on Facebook Mobile version. It’s beggar description to describe increasing of Facebook mobile users. Now Facebook authority is more careful about mobile users. Facebook announcing its first quarter earnings of 2013, the social networking company has revealed that it has 751 million mobile active users, an increase of 54 percent year over year. It has also been reported that, ad revenue in the first quarter of $1.25 billion with 30 percent is coming from mobile.
Although Facebook has taken many steps to make Facebooking secured, comfortable and superb, but there are still some limitations in Facebook Mobile version. Some privacy settings are still not available to customize in mobile version. One of the most important, talked and requested privacy features for mobile is changing the privacy of Facebook friend list, so that friend list will become invisible to unwanted persons. In desktop version, people can change the privacy of friend list to Friends or Only me. If the privacy is changed to Friends, the friend list will be visible to only friends. But if the privacy is customized to Only me, the friend list will not be visible to anyone. Or, if the privacy setting remains as public, anyone can see the friend list. Most of the people want to change the privacy of friend list to hide it from unwanted eyes.
But recently Facebook officially has offered people to change privacy of the friend list from mobile device. We’ll show you how to change privacy of friend list on Facebook mobile. Below two methods can be applied in both – smartphones or ordinary phones. Both of the methods are updated.

How To Hide Friend List on Facebook Mobile via Android or iPhone

Using below method we can change privacy of Facebook friend list on Android or iPhone mobile. Important condition is, you have to use either browser among Android’s default browser or iPhone’s safari, or Chrome, or UC Browser, One Browser, etc. Almost all smartphone browsers can be used to apply this method except Opera Mini. Method for hiding friend list on Facebook mobile via Opera Mini is described below. Now follow below steps.

  • Open Facebook from using a browser, e.g., Chrome, UC Browser for Android / iPhone, default browsers, etc.
  • Now go to your Timeline / Profile. Then tap on Friends tab.
  • Then your friend list will appear. At the first line you’ll be asked to respond pending friend requests. Then the names of your all friends will be shown up. In right side, you will see a option named Public / Friends. You just have to change this to Only Me
  • So tap on that option. 3 more options will be shown – Public, Friends, More. Tap on more. Whole lists of privacy will appear. Now tap on Only Me. Follow the below screenshot.

How To Hide Friend List on Android or iPhone

  • And it’s done! You’re friend list has just been hidden!

How To Change Privacy Of Friend List On Facebook Mobile via Opera Mini

If your mobile isn’t smartphone, then you should have Opera Mini browser. This method for hiding friend list on Facebook mobile via Opera Mini is applicable for non-smartphone mobile device, and smartphone too. But you have to use Opera Mini to follow below steps. These are very easy steps, you should give a try. Follow below steps carefully. 
  • Go to your Facebook Timeline > Edit Profile> All Friends.
  • The list of all of your Facebook friends will appear. Above your friend list, there is a feature named Who can see your friend list? Mine is Only Me! It means, Only I am able to see my friend list. But I modified this privacy option once before. Yours may be Public! If you want to change it to Public or Friends or Only Me, click on this privacy selector (beside Who can see your friend list? and I marked with Red colored circle in below screenshot).  
 Hide Friendlist On Facebook Mobile
  • A page with Privacy Options will appear. Select Public, Friends or Only Me, situated below Audience! That’s It!

Hide Friendlist On Facebook Mobile

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