Most of the android users might have used nokia. And they obviously might have played java (.jar) games and used java applications. Although those apps have few limitations, such as- asking permission every time, low graphics, slow processing capability, etc, but some of those have good impacts in our life. Few of those were really popular and remembered. So sometimes we think that, Android should have supported installing java applications. When definition of smartphone has been changed by Android, many significant changes on experiencing smartphone have been made. Most of those changes are more than great, but very few of those are worse too. Not supporting installing java apps is one of those worst impacts.

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But according to XDA Developers, there is a possibility to install java apps on android using a software named JBED Android Java Emulator! We’re talking about this method!
You can download JBED from below link. It has already been tested in Galaxy Y. And it is sure that it will work on all android versions! 

Install Java Applications In Unrooted Android Device

Steps to Install Java Applications in Unrooted Android Apps

  • Open this zip file using WinZIP method, simply install the .apk file on your android phone.
  • Launch the installed application and go to SD card from the menu. 
  • Choose the Java/Jar file that you want to install and run. And install it. 
  • Open the Java apps that you have installed to run!

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It’s done! Comment bellow if you face any problems. Happy Androiding!