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How To Invite Friends To Like Page On Facebook Mobile

Now a days many people create Facebook pages for business. Many of us created page for fun. I think, huge…

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Now a days many people create Facebook pages for business. Many of us created page for fun. I think, huge portion of Facebook users have page(s) too. But the problem is, most of them are using Facebook from mobile. And till now, Facebook doesn’t allow to invite friends to like page from its mobile version. Some people might create pages from computer perhaps. But they might have to administrate it from mobile. Although there is a way to open a page using mobile, but very few people imagined that could be possible! By the way, Facebook mobile version ‘didn’t’ support Page Invitation. But inviting friends to like a page is a great way to increase fans of a new page. It was in wish list of an administrator, who runs his page using mobile. But we come with two fantastic working tips!
Recently Facebook has added few features to it’s mobile timeline.Inviting Friends To Like Page is one of these features. But everybody hasn’t gotten these new features yet. I hope, everyone will get these features soon.

Easily Invite Friends to Like your Facebook Page on Mobile

First Way To Invite Friends to Like Facebook Page From Mobile

But, Although many people have gotten this feature, but Inviting Friends is not announced as one of the default features yet. So It’s still a hidden trick! So a mobilian administrator has to follow a trick to invite friends to like his page.

  1. Go to Your Page from mobile.
  2. Go to address bar.
  3. Add ?v=likes right after address of the page. (suppose, the link of your page is- http://m.facebook.com/MyPage. After adding ?v=likes, the address link will be- http://m.facebook.com/MyPage?v=likes )
  4. A new page will appear. You will see a option named Invite Friends. Look at the link, indicating by a red arrow in the following screenshot)
Invite to like facebook page from mobile

Click on it and a new page with lists of friends will appear. Start Inviting Friends to like your page by selecting Invite button! Get set go 😀

Note: Maybe Everyone hasn’t gotten this feature yet. But don’t be upset, mobilian admin! You’ll get it soon! 🙂

Second Way To Invite Friends to Like page on Facebook Mobile

But if you haven’t gotten this feature, then you can try another easy way. Just go to your page. Now go to the address bar of your mobile browser. Delete http://m from the address and add http://touch. Your page will reload with a new interface. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You’ll see a button named Invite Friends to Like Your Page. Keep tapping select key on this button to open it in a new tab. I used Opera Mini for mine. See the below screenshot to get more clues-

Invite to like facebook page from mobile

After opening it in a new tab, you’ll see a list of your friends. Beside every friend, there is a Invite key. Just click on that button or open this button in a new tab. An Invitation to like your page will be sent to him. See the bellow scrrenshot-

Invite to like facebook page from mobile

I hope you got the trick. Now invite your friends to like your Facebook page using your mobile device. Comment, if you face any problem!


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