Python is a programming language. The Python for S60 also called PyS60 (Unix name), is Nokia’s port of the general Python programming language to its S60 software platform, originally based on Python 2.2.2 from 2002.[1] The latest final version, PyS60-2.0.0, released on 11 February 2010 updates the python core to version 2.5.4 It was specially designed for symbian devices. The softwares, made based on python, is very powerfull. If you’re using a symbian device, you should install python

Download & Install Power Python v4.5 for Symbian S60v3v5


1. You must hack your phone. If you haven’t hacked your device yet, Hack It Now Easily.

2. If it shows Update error while installing, remove previous version.

3. If it shows Unable To Install : Constrained By The Certificate, then follow these instructions.

4. If it shows Expired Certificate while installing, change the date of your device to few years back!
5. That’s it. Enjoy….