There are millions of Facebook fan, fun and business pages on Facebook. It’s increasing day by day. People use these pages to advertise their products, connect with fans or consumers. Some of the pages are used only for fun! I have to say, Facebook has become a part and parcel in every aspect of our life. You know, today it’s not only social media but also a media of everything!

On the heels of Facebook announcing its first-quarter earnings, the social networking company has revealed that it has 1.74 billion mobile active users,
an increase of 54 percent year over year. It has also reported ad revenue in the first quarter of $1.25 billion with 30 percent coming from mobile, or $375 million. Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia predicted that Facebook would bring in $360 million in mobile advertising revenue this quarter, an 18 percent increase. Likewise, JP Mogan analyst Doug
Anmuth also thought the company’s revenue would be around that number —
at the very least $320 million. Last quarter, Facebook earned $305
million. Last quarter also marked the first time the company saw more users on its mobile platform than on the desktop so it’s probably expected by analysts that this trend will continue, resulting in a higher probability of greater revenue from Facebook’s mobile ad product. So Facebook is very serious about their mobile users.

A few days ago Facebook brought Acting As a feature for mobile users to manage pages using their mobile devices. Acting As is a feature that lets users select whether they manage the page as a page admin or as a fan. If he selects it as the admin of the page, then whatever he does in the page,  will be published as page’s part. But if he selects himself, then his comments or likes will be counted for his personal profile’s part.

Everybody can change ‘Acting as’ by selecting the same-named button, which is situated in the top of the page. But the problem is, sometimes this button doesn’t show in mobile! Look below. I uploaded a screenshot of two pages that I manage. First one has a change button beside Acting as, but another one doesn’t have!

I have another page which was acted as myself. Suddenly I was not finding the change button. So I became unable to update my page. But Now I found another manual way to change Acting As using mobile! If you face the same problem, then It can be a great solution for you.

How To Manually Change Acting As of Your Facebook Page using Mobile

First of all, go the page, in which you are facing this problem. Go to the address bar of your browser. I used Opera Mini. Now remove http://m from the URL and replace it with http://touch. Your page will appear with a new interface. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You’ll find a button named-
You are acting as your page
Tap to change to your profile


You are acting as your profile

Tap to change to your page


Tap or click on this button. Your acting as will be changed. Now go to your page in normal way. You’ll be found that your page’s acting as has been changed! So, just now, you have learned how to manually change acting as of a page on Facebook mobile version, if it doesn’t show itself! Keep visiting us to get new and unique tips!