Today I will discuss how to mention someone on Facebook Desktop, Mobile Apps and Mobile version. We’ll also discuss how to mention someone with only his first or last name. Remember, all of the below processes can be used in both – Facebook status or comment. 


Mention Someone On Facebook Desktop & Mobile Application

To Mention someone on Facebook desktop version, it’s very easy task to mention someone. But the condition is, ‘someone’ should be your friend. Okay, let me describe you the easy process.
While you’re browsing on desktop or official Android / iPhone / Windows application for Facebook, to mention someone on your Facebook status or comment, you just need to type @ then type your friend’s name, whom you want to mention. Suppose, you have a friend on Facebook, named NaZmul AhaSan, whom you want to mention. After typing @, type NaZmuL, few suggestions will appear. All I want to say type @Nazmul, few suggestions will appear. Select the actual one which you want to mention. Look at below screenshot. There I was trying to mention myself on a Facebook Status!
How To Mention Someone On Facebook
Above process can be applicable On Facebook comments too. 🙂

Mention someone with first or last name only!

To mention someone with his/her first or last name, you have to mention him/her first using above process. After mentioning like above picture, you have to cut first or last partial of his name, another partial will remain. Look at the below screenshots very carefully.

Every kind of Mention process on facebook
Hope, you’ll understand the process! 

Mention Someone on Facebook Mobile Version

We don’t always browse on Facebook via desktop. We have to use Facebook on the go with mobile device, don’t we? A recent survey makes it clear that, Mobilian Facebook user is increasing day by day and most of the Facebook users use mobile permanently. Mentioning is very easy in desktop version, but little difficult in mobile version. Mobile version means, Opera Mini, UC Browser, etc. Here you need id number of the friend, whom you want to mention.It’s a numeric code.
Now here’s the code which you need to use while you’re going to mention someone on Facebook Mobile.

@[User ID:]

Replace User ID with the numeric ID, which you found in previous step. Suppose you want to mention a friend name NaZmul AhaSan and his user ID is 100003786684324. Now what you have to do is replace above User ID with 100003786684324 on this code. So the code will be look like- @[100003786684324:]. Then your friend will successfully be mentioned in your Facebook status or comment! Look below screenshot:

how to mention someone on Facebook Mobile

Mention someone with only first or last name on Facebook Mobile!

To mention someone on Facebook mobile with first or last name, you have to follow below procedures. Look at below code.

@[User ID:First/Last Name]

 Replace User ID with your friend’s (whom you want to mention) User ID and First/Last Name with your friend’s first or last name. But remember your friend’s name’s spelling must be as similar as your it is in Facebook. Suppose, you want to mention a friend named NaZmul AhaSan, replace User ID with NaZmul’s User ID 100003786684324 and First/Last Name with either NaZmul or AhaSan. Remember the spelling must be similar. So the code will loke like:

@[100003786684324:NaZmul]       (If you want to show first name only)


@[100003786684324:AhaSan]      (if you want to show last name only)

Hope you understood the process! If you feel problem please let me know commenting below!