Wondered?! Yep, you should be in fact. You’ll be more wondered to know another fact. The fact is, I’m writing this post from my mobile! Today I’m going to tell you how to write post with images using a mobile. After reading this post, you should also learn, how to transform image to the desired place in the post. Lets discuss about it. And please don’t be hurry. Be cool first and concentrate to the post.

Recently, Blogger has updated it’s interface. Previous interface gave mobile users to use many features. Such as- changing templates, changing mobile templates, layout designing, adding and removing widgets, creating and editing posts directly from blogger dashboard, etc. But updated interface don’t let mobile users do most of these editings. There was a chance to switch back to old interface. But very recently Blogger has closed that way too! It became impossible to create a new post from blogger dashboard. So I started searching for new ways to keep my blog updated!

I found 2 easy ways. The first one is Blog-This Posting and another one is E-Mail Posting. Lets discuss about those two methods__

Blog-This Method: Using Blog-This method you can write and publish your post directly. But this method has at least 2 limitations. They are, you can’t insert an image in the post and sometimes you can’t save your post. Either you have to publish it right there or leave it. So if you want to write a post without inserting any image, then you should use this easiest method!

1. Log in to your Blogger account.

2. Go to this address- http://draft.blogger.com/blog-this.g.

3. If you have more than 1 blog, you can choose your desire blog (where you want to publish) by clicking on right upper corner (red marked).

4. After selecting your desire blog, click on HTML button (green marked zone in screenshot).

5. A new page will appear and you can start writing now. After finishing your writing, simply click on Publish button. It’ll be published in your blog! Look at the following screenshots-

E-Mail Posting- Yep. There is a way to publish post in your blogger blog via email. Using this method you can insert images into the post. But at first you have to set up an email address, where your email should be sent. It’s better to set up email, if you can make an access to a computer. If you can’t you may do this using your mobile! I did it using the latest version of Opera Mini.

  • Log on to your Blogger account. Click on settings. A new page will appear. [Remember you have to switch On the Single Column View of your Opera Mini by navigating to Settings/Single Column View/On/]]

      • Now press 1 (keep tapping in touch device) on Mobile & Email and Open In New Tab.

      • New page will appear. Bellow the Posting using email, you’ll be asked to fill up an email (with @blogger.com). Put any words into the blank place. Suppose, the given email address is username.[blank]@blogger.com, you put 123n into the blank field. Then the email should be- username.123n@blogger.com  Tick mark on Publish email immediately. Now click on Save settings. To get more hints, look at the following screenshot-

        • Now send any email (from wherever) to the new saved email address and it’ll automatically be published in your blog. Title of the post should be written in the Subject field of the email. Full post has to be written in the body field of email. And add image attachments which you want to make displayed. The post will automatically be published in your blog!