It’s beggar description to describe the current popularity of Android operating based smartphone. It’s increasing rapidly all over the world. There are few positive and negative effects of entering Android smartphone era.  The main positivity is, it’s very powerful OS and lets users get a superb experience! But the problem is that few minor features are not available in those smartphones, although these features are common in even Nokia Java based cheap phone! Such as- installing java (.jar) games and applications, recording fm radio segments, etc!
FM Radio feature is very common in smartphone but recording radio programs isn’t available in many of those smartphones. Few days ago I wrote an article on how to record FM segments in Java based phones. Now I’m telling you how to record FM radio programs in Android smartphones!
Today I bring a High quality stereo FM Radio recorder for your Android device! Lets learn how to record FM radio programs in Android using steps that given below-

Instruction To Record FM Radio in Android

  • Download this Application (called RecForge) from Google Play Store and install it.
  • Connect your headphones.
  • Once you set a recording RecForge load and delete it (first time only).
  • Now you’re ready to record from FM RADIO!
  • Fm Radio normally open and when you just want to record and press start RecForge pulsed REC, if you want a louder sound in the recording I recommend you set +3 db.

  •  When you are finished, press Stop and you saved your Recording from FM Radio!
Description: RecForge is a high quality sound recorder. It allows to Record, Edit and Share sounds, voices, notes, musics or any other audio! This application is rated 4.3 out of 5 in Google Play Store by users!

How To Install Java Applications In Unrooted Android Device
RecForge can be used to:
– record (in mp3/ogg/wav) meetings, rehersals, music learning, EVP, …
– share your recording on Google Drive, Skydrive, DropBox, Box, …
– convert your recordings in diferent audio format
– edit audio files
– replace your Dictaphone

Main functions:
– Real-time record in mp3, ogg and wav
– Play, record, pause/resume, loop, convert audio files
– Edit your recording to keep only interesting parts
– Share your recordings
+ on social network,
+ by mail,
+ Bluetooth,
+ SoundCloud,
+ Dropbox,
+ Box,
+ Ubuntu One,
+ Google Drive,
+ SkyDrive,
+ or others sharing apps.
– Disable AGC (Automatic Gain Control) for better sound quality (android > 2.1)
– Manual gain adjustment
– Use external microphone (3.5 jack – need an adapter. cf FAQ)
– Change Play back rate
– File format supported :
+ 8, 11, 12, 16, 22, 24, 32, 44 and 48kHz
+ wav, mp3 (up to 128kbps) and ogg (up to 250 kbpls)
+ Mono/stereo
+ 16bits
– Convert your files in different format (wav, ogg & mp3)
– Record in background even when the phone is locked
– File manager with folders (rename, delete, copy, …)
– Find and Play recordings by date, name and size
– Different widgets size (one click to record)
– Disable notifications to discreetly record
– Application movable to SD Card
– Language translations : 11 languages