Editor’s Note: As Symbian Phones do no longer exist, this article is considered old and outdated but retained for archival purpose only. 

“Nokia to officially discontinue Symbian mobile OS this summer” | Techspot – 2013

When we try to install unsigned applications on a Symbian device, it shows some common certificate errors such as ‘Certificate Expired‘ or ‘Certificate Error‘, ‘Contact Application Supplier‘. To resolve these problems, you have to hack your device.

Hacking a Symbian device does not indicate any illicit conduct. It is almost as same as rooting an Android device. The main purpose of this process is to gain access to the root directory of the operating system.  

There were days when hacking a Symbian device was very easy. But it becomes hard nowadays. Because we can no longer obtain a free certificate to sign our unsigned apps. So, we need to hack our mobile using a different technique: Norton Hack.

Remove Certificate Errors from Symbian Device

Step 1
Download hacking tools to get rid of certificate errors on your Symbian smartphone. It is a ZIP file. Open it using X-Plore. You will see a number of files in this archive. Install NortonSymbianHackLDD.sis file.  

Step 2
After installing, open the Norton Anti-Virus. Go to Anti-Virus List / Quarantine List

How To Remove Certificate Errors From Symbian
Norton Hack: Quarantine List

Step 3
Navigate: Option > Restore All. If it requires the permission, select Yes.

How To Remove Certificate Errors From Symbian
Norton Hack

Step 4
Exit Norton. Go to Menu > App Manager on your device and remove a file named Symantec Symbian Hack.

How To Remove Certificate Errors From Symbian
Remove Symantec Symbian Hack from Menu > App Manager

Step 5
Open X-Plore and delete C:\shared folder.

How To Remove Certificate Errors From Symbian
Delete C:\shared folder on X-plore

Step 6
Open the downloaded Hacking Tools and find and install RomPatcherPlus_3.1_LiteVersion.sisx

Step 7
After installing the RomPatcherPlus_3.1_LiteVersion.sisx, open RomPatcher+ and go to Option > All Patches > Apply

How To Remove Certificate Errors From Symbian
On RomPatcher+, go to Option > All Patches > Apply

If you have properly followed the abovementioned process, it should do the work and it would show a green tick.

However, if RomPatcher shows a Red Cross instead of a Green Tick, follow these instructions from #8  

Step 8

Download InstallserversPack.zip. Open it using X-Plore. You will find various InstallServers. Choose yours according to your device version. Copy it and paste it to C:/sys/bin folder. Then, restart your device and it should definitely work remove certificate errors from Symbian devices.

Still Not Working?

However, when you try to install an app and the system shows an error called Constrained By The Certificate, it is a different error. In that case, please check out our instructions to remove Constrained By The Certificate error.