If you want to get the highest potential from your android phone, then you have to root your device. These rooting techniques are quite intricate due to the fact there are various actions and guidelines to get used as a way to attain full advantages from your device.

But today I’ll show a step by step tutorial on this issue-how to root almost all the Android-based Mobiles! So, following this tutorial you will easily be able to obtain root control for your smartphone.

In this article I will let you be learned one click root guide with Unlock-Root tool, his excellent software has been formulated and also shared with all users who need a complete root method without using complicated and high-risk operations or maybe a course.

Similar to other rooting system, to get the access into the root folder is a critical operation for your Android device and that’s why you have to read and understand every step to implementing and their straight enjoin, as a way to don’t end up in bricking your Android device or to losing private as well as essential data from your smartphone, I would like to suggest you read all guidance and information out of this article.

Before beginning the rooting guide, some pre-requirements are required to be followed first. So be sure you have followed all bellow steps:

  • When you utilize this root method your device’s warranty will be void mainly because this kind of procedure isn’t an official procedure. You’ll be able to recover the device’s warranty if you choose a downgrade to the stock ROM, or if you update on your device official firmware, or the other solution to regain your device’s warranty is that you can reset the flash counter if you’ll implement a un-root technique on your phone.
  • Backup your complete essential data which is located in the interior memory space storage on your smartphone, that back up has to be created before you start the root procedure. To save your essential files, you can back up your SMS, call logs history, Internet connection, your contacts, images, videos documents and all the files that you think are necessary for you as all the program might get damaged out.
  • From the following path- Menu > Settings > Applications > Development  > USB debugging, activate the USB debugging option on your Android device.
  • Confirm if your battery offers plenty of power still left, and there the level of power need to be more than 70 % power left in the other ways you need to charge it. If you don’t have sufficient power inside the battery, in that case, your system can take a compelled power down during the rooting course of action, which point may brick your device’s system.
  • You have to use for the rooting process a Windows computer and the original device’s USB cable.
  • Deactivate the security programs which are running in your PC and Android device, such as, anti-virus or firewall.
  • Apply all this techniques and this guideline only for Android based phones to allow the one-click root method.

All the details as well as the directions shown in this tutorial are only for training and instructional purpose, the Mobile Explorer team shall certainly not carry the responsibility, if something goes wrong or you brick your device after you attempted to root it or you shed data during the rooting procedure, use this guideline and all the directions at your personal risk.

How to Easily Root almost All Android Mobile Phone:

easy rooting process for all android device
  • Firstly, download the unlock-root tool from here, you will discover a couple different, one is free-version and another is premium version, here we make use of the totally free type!
  • Save the tool in your PC.
  • Install the unlock-root tool in your computer.
  • Operate the executable (.exe) file.
  • Now, you need to download and install your device’s driver on your PC. 

    Download your manufacturer’s phone drivers. 

  1. HTC: (HTC Sync includes the drivers http://dl4.htc.com/managed-assets/support/software/htc-sync/htc_sync_setup_3.3.21.exe 
  2. LG: http://www.lg.com/us/mobile-phones/mobile-support/mobile-lg-mobile-phone-support.jsp 
  3. Samsung: http://www.samsung.com/us/support/downloads 
  4. Complete list on http://developer.android.com/tools/extras/oem-usb.html
  • Using the USB cable connect your device to the PC.
  • At this point, from the Unlock-Root software interface click on the “root” option
  • There you will see a list of the supported device. If you use a Samsung Android Device and it’s not in the list, then you can see this article.
  • From the newly displayed list select your Android device.
  • Begin the rooting process, when the it is done, you’ll receive a affirmation message
  • Disconnect your device removing the USB cable from the PC.
  • Restart your device.

That’s all; now you’ve properly learnt how you can root your Android device using Unlock-Root method. Now, you can use your root privileges to flash available custom ROM firmware, to install custom recovery images, install the root-only applications and all edits that you would like to do in your device to increase its performances.

Let us know in our comment section if this simple root method worked for your device. If you want to unroot after you rooted, then you may learn- How To Easily Unroot Any Android Phones.

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