We know about Opera Mini’s Bitmap Fonts Support. Now a days, as we see, Uc Browser’s popularity is growing rapidly. But it doesn’t support Bitmap Fonts. So, it’s not possible to see bangla in non-bangla supported phone’s Uc Browser. Today, I would like to share you a trick, so that you can set Bangla manually in Uc Browser for Symbian OS. Let’s do it:
  • You must hack your phone. If you haven’t hacked your smartphone yet, hack your symbian device right Now! No PC is required, your phone is enough! You’ll get many more options  after hacking your phone. Such as- You’ll find many system folders like ://Sys and ://Private accessed in your mobile phone. Even you’ll get rid of many kinds of certificate errors (Certificate Errors: Contact the application supplier, constrained by the certificate, certificate expired, etc while installing applications).
  • Download FontRouter and FontRouter_LT . These two apps will let you change your default font so that you can use a unicode supported Bangla fonts. If it shows Unable to install : constrained by the certificate, then please follow some instructions.
  • Install FontRouter and FontRouter_LT. Open FontRouter. Go to: Option/Open Font. Select Stylus Bangla.

How To See Bangla In Uc Browser

  • Close the FontRouter Application. Restart your phone. And it’s done!
Look at mine:

See Bangla On UC Browser

  • To get the best result to view font perfectly, open Uc Browser and navigate throw- Menu/Settings/ Preferences/ Display/ Font Size/, make it 26-27.
Now you can see Bangla in Uc browser even in default symbian browser too!


You are looking for this tutorial for Java supported phone? Recently we have written a tutorial on How To See Bitmap Fonts In Java Uc Browser! After reading this, you will be easily able to see bitmap fonts on your favorite UC browser! But Bengali is not included in those Bitmap fonts. However, Bengali language will be included soon and we’ll publish it here.

See Bangla In UC Browser For Android

To make your Android’s UC browser Bangla supported, you need to install Bangla Font in your Android Devices. Then, Bangla will be automatically rendered in UC Browser. Best of luck!

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