You Hacked your phone, but it still shows ‘Unable to install : Constrained by the certificate’ while installing few softwares? Very simple issue! Somebody signed these sis files with their own certificate. But that certificate was issued for only their device, not for others. So, the sis/sisx file that was certified by that certificate, won’t work if you try to install it in other device and you’ll have to see ‘Unable to install : Constrained by the certificate’. So, as you have learned just now, It’s only a matter of IMEI! Let’s solve this problem.Follow the instructions given bellow-

1. Download SisEditor.

2. Open SisEditor. Go to: Option -> Open Sis/Sisx File . Select your sis/sisx file, which was showing “Constrained By The Certificate.”

3. If it requests you to download Uc Browser, press No .

4. Go to: Option/Signature/ Delete Signature. If it wants permission to delete, press Yes .

5. Again go to- Option/ Signature/ Sign Package/Self Sign . Do this job one more time! Go to-  Option/ Signature/ Sign Package/BiNPDa

6. Then go to: Option/ Save File. If it wants any permission press Yes.

7. Open File Manager. Back to the file. Now try to install that file. It’ll surely install.