Few days ago, we posted an article on how to unfollow someone on Facebook mobile. Today, I will let you learn how to unfollow a post on Facebook mobile. Sometimes, we comment under friend’s status or photo. After that many notifications come and it’s very disturbing. Sometimes, we got tagged in friend’s photo. Then, whenever anyone comments under the photo, Facebook notifies me each and every time. Isn’t it painful?  If we unfollow the post, then no notification will come. It’s the ultimate solution. Facebook activated this feature in desktop version. They haven’t activated this feature for mobile version yet. Let’s use a trick.

Follow the below instructions to unfollow a post on Facebook mobile.

  • Go to the post, which you want to unfollow.
  • Suppose, link of the post is: 


  • Replace m by touch. Now the new link should look like:    


  • A new version of Facebook will appear with the post. Scroll down. Above the comment box, you’ll see a new button named ‘Unfollow’. Click on that button. You’ll be unfollowed from the post.

    how to unfollow a post on facebook mobile