Last time we have told you how to how to unfollow a post on Facebook mobile. It’s very easy to unfollow a person from the desktop version of Facebook. But unfollowing a person is difficult task in Facebook mobile version. Today I’ll show you how to unfollow someone in mobile version of Facebook.
Facebook has recently activated timeline for it’s mobile version too. Timeline feature has been activated for most of the mobile users. There are lots of differences between Profile and Timeline. Main difference is in the interface. Some people liked new interface, others disliked. Most differences are visible in getting notifications, settings, profile info, managing page sections. Few features are really amazing on timeline. But it makes some feature complex too! A huge number of Facebook users posted on many help forums to turn back to profile from timeline! Anyways, in timeline, there is no way to unfollow someone, whom you are following! In the Facebook help section, someone asked, ‘How do I unfollow someone?’ The Facebook team answered, ‘To unfollow someone, you’ll need to log in from a computer.’ That means, officially, there is no way using mobile

How to Hide Friend List on Facebook Mobile

How to Unfollow someone on Facebook Mobile via Smartphone, App

If you use smartphone like Android, Windows or iPhone, then it’s very easy. Use you default Android browser, Safari, Chrome, UC Browser for Android / iPhone, or Facebook app to apply this method to unfollow someone.

  • Go to the person’s profile, by searching with his/her name, whom you want to unfollow using Facebook app or HTML 5 browsers, e.g., Chrome, Safari, UC Browser for Android / iPhone.
  • Then you’ll see a page that will look like below image. In Facebook app, just tap on the red circled area of that person’s profile, indicated in below screenshot. You’ll soon automatically be unfollowed. 
  • If you use any of above mentioned browsers, tap on the option named ‘Following’, then small pop-up option will appear. It will show ‘Unfollow’ option. Click on it. You’ll be unfollowed.

How To Unfollow a Person on Facebook Mobile via Opera Mini

If you use ordinary mobile phone that runs internet via Opera Mini or UC Browser, then you have to follow few more instructions. You can apply this method via Opera Mini for Android too.

How to Unfollow a Post on Facebook Mobile

    • Log In to your Facebook Account.
    • Go to the person’s profile whom you want to unfollow.
    • His/her profile will appear. Now go to the bottom of the page. You’ll see a option there named ‘Unfollow’. Just click on it.

    • And you have just unfollowed that person. Using this method, friend and non-friend person can be unfollowed.