Editor’s Note: The post is outdated because Facebook interface has changed and it does no longer support the technique described below. The article is retained for archival purpose only. 

Facebook is a great way to share your thoughts with your friends. Suppose, you got a funny video and you want your friends to see it. Or you want to let them watch your recorded video instantly. But you don’t have any computer but a cellphone near hand. You know facebook doesn’t support uploading videos from mobile by default. So what should you do?

Yes. There is a very simple trick to upload videos on facebook using mobile.

But, You can’t upload videos directly. You have to choose the manual way.

At first, Go to your profile/timeline from mobile. Click on More Options >> below the status box.

Click on Upload Photo. You’ll find a page like a screenshot below.

Or, alternately, you can directly go to this link: http://m.facebook.com/upload.php and you’ll find the page.

You’ll see an email address, containing @m.facebook.com.

Look at the Red marked area of the following screenshot-

upload video on facebook from mobile

Now send any kinds of videos to this e-mail address.


  • You can use any kinds of email providers to send this video. From wherever you send via email to that e-mail address, it’ll be published on your timeline automatically.
  • It’s a secret email address, nobody knows it. So never share this email address with others. Coz whatever will have been sent to this address, it’ll be posted on your timeline.
  • If you want to publish a headline of the video, write it into the Subject of the email. If you don’t upload any photo or video but write a few words into the subject and send it, it’ll be published on Facebook as a status!