If you are a student, or a job seeker, or a employee and you are a Internet addicted, then you will confess that, a Dictionary is very essential for you. You are browsing on internet, after few minutes you find a word, which you can not understand, but it’s meaning is important to know. You may be on a research or you are searching information on internet, a dictionary is obvious. Your favorite Opera Mini browser has a option to make a virtual dictionary. You can translate in almost all languages! Actually, you have to make it, man!

Today I will teach you how to use Opera Mini as a world class online dictionary! Here, we will take help from Google Translate! I strongly believe it will help you a lot. The whole process is very simple task. All you need to do is concentrate on the tutorial. Lets learn, how to use opera mini as a dictionary!

– In this process, we will use ‘Add Search Engine‘ feature! We will add Google Translate search box in the Opera Mini! Now open your Opera Mini browser and type http://translate.google.com on address bar. Manually, you can translate to any languages using Google Translate! But at first, you need to select which language you would like to translate. Suppose, you want to translate a word to Bengali. Then click on Detect Language. There are two languages will be shown. You have to choose your right sided language as your targeted language (to which language you want to translate). See the screenshot. I choose Bengali as I want to translate in Bengali and it is situated in right side between tows.

As you see in the screenshot, there is a search box. Whatever you type in English in this search box and click on Translate button, it will be translated to Bengali! Now press 1 (or tap) on the search box, you’ll get some options as like as bellow screenshot.

Click on Add Search Engine, this will be added as a shortcut search bar in the Opera Mini. You have to give it a name. Name this box as your wish. I give myself English To Bengali! 

It’s saved now. Congrats! Everything is done properly. Now press #2 or click on search bar of your Opera Mini, which is located in top right side. Select that shortcut bar and start typing any words and search, Google will bring the best meanings of your words.

Using this method you can translate any words to any kinds of well-known languages! It is very simple topic but helpful. It will help you so much while you are browsing on internet via Opera Mini. The whole process is a matter of 5 minutes although it seems like a long process. Give it a try! Best of luck!