In many parts of the world, accessing the internet is not as open as you may enjoy in the West. In Venezuela, for example, the government used sophisticated technology to block certain news websites. Bangladesh’s government has restricted access to numerous websites including porn websites, legitimate news websites, and community blogs. Users reportedly face troubles in accessing popular social media sites such as Reddit and VK, and news websites such as Al Jazeera, The Wire, etc.

In such a scenario, the common solution is a VPN app. In my case, I used Proton VPN on my Android, which has a free version along with a faster premium version. I tried both versions. One must thank Proton for providing such a secure and impressive app for free, but the free version is a bit slow, like many other free VPN apps.

Enter Intra

I have recently come across a fantastic app developed by none other than Google. Google’s parent company Alphabet has a subsidiary called Jigsaw, which seeks to help journalists and media outlets targeted by governments.

The Jigsaw project has recently introduced a new app, Intra. It is, firstly, dead-easy to use and requires enabling only one button to be activated. Secondly, the application very effectively neutralizes DNS manipulation (a type of attack most deployed by governments to block websites.)

Intra by Google Photo:

If you live in a region which restricts the free flow of information on the Internet, I recommend you to use Intra. It’s like a faster version of the VPN—faster than any premium VPN apps. Intra unlocks nearly all blocked websites in Bangladesh. The app is free, and most importantly, it uses Google’s secure server.

Download the app (Intra) from the Play Store, open it and enable the protection feature and you’re done!

Intra is very easy to use
Intra is Very Easy to Use

Why it is blazing fast?

Why is Intra is faster than other VPN apps? It is simply because of the fact that Intra does not function like VPN apps. Normally, a VPN app reroutes a connection to its own server, resulting in a slow connection. Intra, on the other hand, simply encrypts the connection between the website and the end-user. In the process, no third party (read: governments) can sneak into the connection and manage to manipulate it.  

This blog post by Jigsaw team says, “Android (Android Pie) included DNS protection as a default feature for all new Android devices.” I use the latest Google Pixel 3, which uses Android Pie. But certain websites remained inaccessible on my device. When I installed the software, however, it solved the problem. 

In my opinion, if you are looking for ways to access forbidden websites, there cannot be a better application than Intra. Give it a try. Intra is available for Android users only. Sorry iPhone users.