Well, the issue is a bit complicated. You may not be able to invite random people to like your Facebook page, but you can invite those who are not your friends to like your page. Most importantly, you can do it right on your smartphone.

If you are a page administrator, you may have seen that many people like or react or post a comment below your page’s posts or photos although they have not liked your page. You can now ask these people to like your page. In other words, you can invite people who have already interacted with your page in some ways.

Meanwhile, you may also check out how you can invite friends to like your Facebook page on mobile. Also, if you may wish to find how you add admin or moderator to your page on mobile.

How to invite non-friends to like your Facebook page on mobile

Three steps: invite non-friends to like a Facebook page on mobile

  • Go to your page either on a browser or Facebook app.
  • Choose any post. Naturally, you should select a post with a higher number of engagements (likes/reactions or comments)
  • Now tap on the number of reactions or likes shown below the post. You can now see a list of people who liked or reacted to the post. Among them, some people may have liked your page as well, but some others only liked the post.
  • Who liked your page, a button named ‘Liked’ will appear at the right side and you have nothing do with them. But who didn’t like your page, the ‘Invite’ button will display beside their names.
  • Tap on the ‘Invite’ button. And they will receive a notification that you invited him/her to like your page.