iOS and Android, worlds most popular operating systems! You can’t run iOS apps in Android powered devices and vice-versa, you can’t have Android apps (.apk) in your iPhone or iPad! All what I want to say is you can’t run iOS and Android Apps in the single device, right? However, US researchers have developed an app that will let you run Android and iOS apps in the same or single device! Excited?! Well, wait and keep reading!
Few months back, Huawei, an smartphone manufacturer, was to make a dual-boot Android and Windows phone! In that phone, people would be able to choose OS between Android and Windows in single device. It was actually an effort to let people switch to Windows OS from Android. But Google rejected the plan. However, Huawei dropped the plan on making dual-boot Android and Windows phone later.

Originally, US developers wanted to make an app for Android that will let its users to run iOS app. And they have made such an app named Cider! Cider can be installed not only in smartphones, but also in Tablet! But developers have said that, this app has been developed only for research purpose and will not be developed commercially. But it will be a great think if general users can use the app. iOS and Android apps in a single device – the concept is really awesome!

Asus Dual-OS Windows & Android Tablet with phone

Developers have released a video in Youtube describing the instructions to use Cider app. They have used an Android powered Nexus Tab to experiment the app. See the video below.