A new feature, named Kill Switch, is going to be included in Android OS and Windows OS powered smartphones. Kill Switch can be used to ‘Kill’ the smartphone if it is theft. This feature will make your smartphone unable to use further. Google and Microsoft have already announced about this feature. Basically this feature is an anti-theft protection system that won’t let smartphone data to be handled to the wrong hands.

If your favorite smartphone goes to thieves, now, it is impossible to recover data, that you will lost. Stolen data can be used harassing and blackmailing you. But after installing Kill Switch feature, thieves will not be able to access into your smartphone data. Many users have been complaining to the smartphone manufacturers to create an system that will block accessing into the smartphone if it is taken by unwanted one. Taking those complaints seriously, Google & Microsoft have made this feature and named it Kill Switch.


According to a survey, almost 3.1 million smartphones were stolen in US last year, which doubles the previous year’s record! Per 1 among 3 European users lost their smartphones last year! In South Korea, smartphone theft increased 5 fold between 2009 and 2012! Colombian users lost more than 1 million smartphones in 2013! Taking those incidents very seriously, smartphone makers decided to make Kill Switch! Now your smartphone is a none other than a brick to a thief! Apple has already installed a similar security system in iPhone 7 that makes the smartphone almost impossible to be accessed inside for anonymous one. According to the US authority, number of iPhone theft decreases since that security system introduced.