Sometimes, Java applications doesn’t show itself full screen touch supported in our touch screen enabled device. Let’s we make it manually.

Tools to make Java applications full screen

  • Application that you want to see in full screen.
  • One Personal Computer.
  • WinRAR software.

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Instruction to make Java apps full screen

1. Copy your Java (.jar) file to your P.C.

2. I know you’ve installed  WinRAR! If not, search on Google. Now open your Java file with it or, double click on your Java(.jar) file.

3. Browse to Meta-Inf Folder and Open it. Open the Manifest.MF file with Notepad.

4. At the end of the codes add this line: MIDLET-TOUCH-SUPPORT:TRUE

How To Make Java Applications Full Screen Touch Supported

5. Save the NotePad file.

6. Click on Yes when WinRAR asks to Update the Archive.

7. It’s Done! Now Install Your New Application With Full Screen Touch Support !!! Enjoy…..

But Java apps, which are designed for s60v5, can easily be made full screen very. Read- How To View Java Applications Full Screen In S60v5

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