Microsoft is very much desperate to spread their Windows Operating System based smartphones on the market. To increase popularity of Windows Operating System, Microsoft making various business proposals to many smartphone manufacturers.
Already Microsoft bought Nokia, one of the leading smartphone manufacturer of the world. Now they are tempting other manufacturers to make windows based smartphone. Microsoft has planned to offer Samsung, Sony, Huawei a huge sums of ‘discount’, if they agree to make at least one windows phone!

Microsoft Eager To Spread Windows Smartphones 

@EldarMurtazin, a famous mobile reviewer, tweeted that, Microsoft plans to give a discount of 1200 million, 500 million and 600 million respectively to Samsung, Huawei and Sony!

But nobody has published this news officially yet. But the tech-specialists judged this discount as business strategy. The Verge, a famous technology related website, informed that Samsung is going to bring a new Smartphone accepting Microsoft’s proposal. Sony’s European president, Pierre Peron has also sustained the news about Microsoft’s offer